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Guild Wars 2 handle: Brighthawk.2705

I wish Guild Wars 2 had heroes and then came up with some excuse for the mentors to come back so I could gear up and run with Cerion, Marjory, Sieran, Kasmeer, Canach.

Alternatively I would go with Cerion, Logan, Rytlock, Faren, Zojja for maximum issues.



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My ranger got new digs.

Hahahaha look at those cheeks. Then she gives you food.


I feel like I want to do some sort of RP storyline that will fill up my time until the LS starts back up. 

But I also feel like I have no idea what to do for a story within the GW2 universe because EVERYTHING CHANGES at the whim of the devs!

I was seriously burned when the Pact was suddenly NOT a thing during all of last year’s LS when that was the basis of my guild’s entire existence. I am scared that would happen again. 

I know exactly what you mean >_< I wish more MMO studios would respect the story writers tone and general direction more (like Secret World does) instead of always rushing to write whatever based on what comes down the pipe. Every other MMO or multiplayer game always ends up flipping some big piece of lore around or totally trying to shift tones mid game it’s just jarring and annoying.

I don’t know why my face felt like rubber this morning! Maybe I’m turning into a monster with awesome pain resistant skin. The more realistic answer is that I probably rolled around in my sleep and slept on my face like an idiot who’s going to fail at natural selection.

Anyway nobdoy asked me stuff so here’s my top 4 American TV Comedies

1) The Office

2) Fraiser

3) Arrested Development

4) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

My face feels like it’s falling off…

Feel free to ask me about any video game, television, movie, whatever stuff today.

I need to pick a class to wvw with and map complete and I can’t also I need help designing a syvlari warrior. So like if you want to help spam me with stuff.

Kudos for going all out with it.

Kudos for going all out with it.

Like a spilled box of lucky charms

Like a spilled box of lucky charms